Amazing Places To Eat And Drink In New York City

The “best” restaurant in New York City doesn’t really exist, per se. Sure, Per Se is probably the best amazing places to eat and drop a bundle of money. And your nearest bodega is probably the best place for a hangover-slaying BEC. But that leaves a lot of room in-between for all your Big Night or Just Because dinners out. You probably have an all-time favorite and a few secondary. and those places were once new to you, too. Almost any restaurant can be the best restaurant. And sometimes, you need to check out the newest addition to our expansive culinary landscape before the crowds come.

Restaurants in New York are changing up lunch. From a Yemeni coffee shop with standout food to a popular Egyptian street food chain. There’s an option for pretty much every midday craving. Whether an on-the-go or a leisurely daytime meal is needed, find it here.

Two Wheels

The Upper West Side finally has standout pho from Two Wheels, a very hip new restaurant for the neighborhood. The dish comes configured as two hard-shell tacos, with the shell consisted of of the usual rice batter wrapper. Only deep fried, and filled with shrimp, chicken, pork or tofu

The Deco Food + Drink

Including food from a Times critic-recommended food truck, Mexican fare from the beloved El Atoradero family. And some of the city’s best French baked goods from Maman. Cocktails are supposed to arrive at the large blue bar at the entrance soon.


The restaurant which nabbed two stars in the New York Times after opening last year. Leans pricier at dinner, but the daytime menu has simpler options. There’s a section of sandwiches club accompanied by peppers or fries. A crab BLT burger with bone marrow — and some salads like a vegan caesar.

The Awkward Scone

The burritos are available until 11:30 a.m., at which point sandwiches on housemade breads take their place. There’s a turkey BLT on chile-infused brioche.