Doha Saturdays

Sat Jul 10 - 10:00 PM To 4 AM.

FREE – $10.00

Location: Doha Bar Lounge, 31st Street, Queens, NY, USA
Organizer: Clubs in NYC
Phone: 646-739-8219


Join the hottest parties nightclub in Queens. Doha Saturdays nights at Doha nightclub NYC are worth going to. They celebrate Friday and Saturday nights at Club Doha as Ladies’ Night. So, all you ladies, head over this biggest party place in NYC and dance the night away with your girlfriends.

Saturday night party bottle packages add an extra charm to the celebration. Register on the guest list and become a part of the entertaining event at Doha nightclub. You can get in touch with Crazy Clubbing.

We can help you find the bottle packages for Doha nightclub at a discounted price. Our bottle packages start from as low as $299. However, the bottle packages are available only on pre-reservation.

Doha Saturday Night

Doha nightclub bottle service packages do not include tax and gratuity. Get in touch with Crazy Clubbing Guide for reserving your Doha Nightclub’s bottle packages. For more information on Latin night clubs in NYC. Or night clubs in Queens, lounges in a long island city.

Come ready to dance and party to incredible DJs and you drink incredible cocktails and enjoy a Doha Nightclub Queens. An event spot like no other, the Doha Nightclub offers an incredible party experience. From the moment you walk in, grab a drink from the bar and shake it on the dance floor.

At one of the best parties in New York City club scene, if you can past the velvet rope. In the Heart of Queens, the iconic Doha Saturday is the unique party setting for all. We’ll be opening our doors from 11pm every week.

  • Dress code: they expect Ladies and gents to look their best (No sportswear or hoodies)
  • ID: Photo ID Required for all.
  • Tables Packages Available.
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