Fusion Lounge

location34-19 Steinway St number 347-921-0002

Fusion Lounge is one of those clubs you have to go to when you’re in New York. They spin enough music, from Latin to hip-hop, House to old school. The Fusion Lounge has redefined nightlife in New York City. Fusion is combining the attraction of a fashionable cocktail lounge with the vital energy of a premier nightclub.

The Fusion Queens has taking a great time seriously. The entire room is pure energy. Bottle service takes place in the hottest way possible. As crowds of perfect models deliver every drink sensible to the whole VIP booths and tables. Fusion Lounge is the place where characters, and attitude take a backseat to quality music, style, and everybody’s favorite drinks!.

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This New York lounge offers a bevy of experience that shakes things up and keeps you coming back for more. With Fusion lounge mixology, timeless music, or craft cocktails that will awaken your senses. Fusion Queens is undeniably one of the best lounge in NYC. Fusion also offers an array of shooters, bubbles and aperitifs. Making it not just one of the best lounges, but one of the most exquisite.

About Fusion Lounge FAQ’s

Fusion Lounge Dress Code

At night men should wear a collared shirt and or sports coat. To Shay it’s an upscale club try wearing nice shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear. (Track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc.).

Best nights

Every Friday night The DJ always pumps up the crowd-pleasers. And the energetic, danceable tunes will have you bopping your head all night. As a little icing on the cake, they feature go-go dancers and other performers throughout the night.

Drink Prices

Standard Beers $8 Range, Shots $10 Range, and Drinks upwards of $15.

Bottle Service

Fusion offers a variety of VIP tables in 3 distinct areas. We are here to make sure your night out is the best it can be. Whether it be a Bachelorette, Birthday, Bon Voyage or just a night out. The Fusion Queens staff will make sure it is a night to remember.