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Friday night is typically the night that everyone gets into New York City and is ready to party and hit up the best nightclubs in town. Friday night are exactly what you would expect from the nightclub scene along the strip. Every single nightclub is open and they have top events, DJs, live music performances, Strip Clubs and celebrity appearances. Know that with the weekend there comes the biggest crowds and the clubs will be packed. We always suggest arriving early, especially for weekend events. Beat the rush, enjoy some early drinks, and have an absolute blast. We’ve compiled a list of the top New York City Nightclubs on Friday.

Picking a club to go to on a Friday is a bit different than picking one on a weekday. Clubs tend to be much more crowded on Fridays – so in stead of trying to find the party that has the most people (which you might be a good approach to finding a party on a weekday) you should look for a party that offers something in line with your preferences in terms of music, crowd type, exclusivity and budget.