Manhattan has one of, if not the, most famous spotlight in the world. And thanks to Hollywood, many can claim, or at least pretend, to know all about the Big Apple, without ever having stepped foot on its streets. Thankfully the city has not yet revealed all of its SpotLight secrets, and there’s still plenty left to discover – particularly if you know who to ask. We asked Spotted by Locals’ on-the-ground team to divulge its nightlife tips about NightClubs, Lounges, Restaurants, NightLife, Eat and drink for the city that never sleeps.

Remember how we said Manhattan can feel overcrowded? Well, it can still surprise you. Tucked down W 44th Street is Jimmy’s Corner, a popular dive bar with cheap drinks, just minutes away from the bright lights of Times Square. And we promise you, tourists don’t know it’s there.  With so many people walking the streets, the city’s nightlife SpotLight scene inevitably caters for a diverse crowd.