Katra Lounge

On the Lower East Side.

Katra Lounge is a great venue for VIP parties on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It’s a Moroccan-themed venue with a fun vibe that’s perfect for any night out. Compared to other clubs in Manhattan, Katra has a more relaxed vibe. DJs play bassy, head-ringing house and hip-hop, then smooth, sensual beats and rhythms. The overall aura of this club provides an ideal atmosphere for more mature parties and an excellent environment to mingle and meet new people.

The interior of Katra Lounge is extremely sleek and sexy. The walls, ceilings, and floors are painted glossy black, and the tasteful amber lights that are scattered about the tables and bars are radiated by various fixtures. There are two floors here; the bottom floor is a large bar area with a few private tables around the perimeter, while the upstairs loft is a VIP area with couches and tables.

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About Katra Lounge

For a night out with your friends, Katra’s VIP setup is a necessity. With pillows lining the couches and walls that divide the space, you and your friends can experience a living room-like setting. You will find that the booths provide excellent privacy, but you are never too far away from the party if you need to leave your booth. And best of all, Crazy Clubbing VIP Services can reserve a private area at Katra for your big night out. This will save you money in the process as well!

katra lounge nyc

A big advantage of Katra is the food menu, which is creative and tasty, so you can satisfy your late night food cravings and drink some signature cocktails while you’re at it. You can eat, drink, and party all in one place when you book a VIP table at Katra. They serve spiced beef patties and almond-crusted chicken wings with smoked chili sauce.

Katra Lounge’s happy hour is on Wednesday and Friday nights, so those are the nights when Katra gets the most people. Reserve your VIP booth at Katra Lounge with Crazy Clubbing VIP Services today! Our concierge will make sure you and your friends get the royal treatment!.

The Venue FAQ

What’s the dress code at Katra lounge?

For guys, dress to impress with collared shirts and jeans. Avoid anything that looks like sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc.) Unless you’re a celebrity.

Bottle service at Katra Lounge

With some of the finest bottle packages available in NYC, Club Katra NYC offers the right complement to the music and decor of the club. Savour some premium hookah at the bar or enjoy premium bottle service in the lounge.

The Katra Lounge’s birthday packages

Katra Lounge offers special birthday party packages throughout the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Whether you want to dance the night away listening to our sound system or shmooze in our VIP booths. Katra Lounge has it all.

Katra Lounge is available for private events

There are many facilities offered to make your event memorable and successful at the Lounge. We welcome you to discuss plans for your special event.

Katra Lounge Events

There is nothing like an upscale party at Katra NYC on Saturday nights. This top-end event is full of style and class. DJs from NYC’s top clubs will be spinning the top hip-hop, R&B, reggae, top 40 and Caribbean sounds every week.