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Welcome to Crazy Clubbing Guide. Our fun, approachable staff has planned and hosted 1000s of Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties and Birthday Parties over the many years our hosts have been in New York City Nightlife. We are one of the top companies in New York, New Jersey, Montreal and we take great pride in serving you.We love New York City nightlife and entertainment, mainly because we live it as VIPs every day. We created Crazy clubbing Guide to share our insider’s view of NYC and give you and your friends a way to get the VIP treatment your VIP Party Package, Strip Clubs, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party or Amazing Places To Eat And Drink In New York City like Fusion Lounge, Attic Rooftop, Cliff Lounge, Club Amadeus, Katra Lounge and more.

Looking for a simple and easy solution and the best deals to get on the guest lists for the Best Clubs in NYC, strip clubs, and RoofTop parties and tips for the Clubbing Guide in New York City? Crazy Clubbing Guide is your solution. Just pick a Nightclub or Rooftop and get on the guest list. You will receive a confirmation email outlining everything you need to know and will get a text reminder as well. Still, have questions? Looking for nightclub and Strip club event presale tickets? Crazy Clubbing has those too. We explain the entire guest list process and how to get into the NYC nightclubs for free or with a discount. Don’t spend time waiting in line. Crazy Clubbing makes the entire process VIP.