Bottle Service

The VIP bottle service is for clients interested in spending a more exclusive and private night. We are sure that our club selection will offer the best bottle service VIP treatment. They commit us to make our customers enjoy their night to the fullest, giving them the night and qualified service they deserve.

With personal attention, the most excellent drinks, comfortable booths, and private tables. We offer the complete experience, a treatment you’ll not find with any other company. One of our team will be on hand all night to deal with your requests. And ensure you receive our Service and the Table reservation price list.

Bottle Service Reservation

When booking bottle service at a club. They inquired how many guests you wish guaranteed admittance to the club along with yourself. This amount will affect the price of your agreed to spend. Upon arrival, present to your table reservation, and a server will come to take your order. You can purchase as many bottles of alcohol as you wish. From a list provided to you. As long as you reach the minimum amount you agreed to spend during booking.

The server will bring the bottles ordered, and a standard assortment of mixers. (Normally, clubs will supply tonicseltzerorange juice, and cranberry juice.) Plus, you’ll get garnishes like lemons, limes, and olives. They can refill mixers an unlimited number of times. And the server can get other mixers that you request such a pineapple juice.

NYC Table Reservation

If the bouncers don’t like you, you aren’t getting in the door unless you’re on a list already. Clubbing is one of New York City’s most favorite pastimes, especially in one of the world’s large metropolitan centers. We’re talking about our very own NYC Town. It’s fun enough all on its own, but there are some things a person can do to elevate their clubbing experience.

Outlined below we have put our heads together to come up with our top table reservation ideas. For getting yourself a tasty VIP bottle Service in any one city hottest NYC Clubs. We’ll tell you how to get the best table service, the best seats, and the sexiest cocktails. And we’ll give you a rundown of just what you should expect from your VIP table service.

Bottle Services FAQ

It’s time to get serious about clubbing in New York City. So let’s give you a rundown of what you’d be missing out on if you passed up on this service entirely.

What Is Bottle Service?

It is your ticket in. It’s how you get VIP access to the hottest nightclubs and Rooftop parties on the Strip. Without standing in line like a commoner. If you’ve ever walked through a club and noticed unrecognizable people. Sitting at some fancy and well-placed tables, those individuals went for bottle service. If you’ve noticed cocktail waitresses delivering drinks to a table then you’ve seen the effects of the deal.

Is Bottle Service Worth It?

Of course, all this exclusive treatment comes with a price. Often, a very steep price depending on the club or lounge. The VIP bottle service includes a private table for you on which you will get the mixers of your choice.
If you like an orange juice mixer, a few Redbull, some sodas, or even tonic you will get it on the table. You will also get a model waitress and security guard who will serve you the whole night during your stay in the nightclub. You can easily reserve bottle service at any club you like by calling the host contact and telling him/her your interests.

How does bottle service work?

When you book bottle service, we’ll ask you to send us your guest list so that everyone in your party can enjoy fast-track entry to the club along with you. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted at the door and directed to your table where a server will come and take your orders.