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The best nightclubs and bars for dancing and partying

katra lounge

Katra Lounge

New York, Lower East Side

fusion lounge

Fusion Lounge

Astoria , Queens

El morroco

El Morocco

Bronx, New York

Club Amadeus

Club Amadeus

New York, Queens

Doha Nightclub

Doha Nightclub

Astoria, Long Island City

Hudson Terrace

Hudson Terrace

Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown

loft 51 nightclub

Loft 51 NYC

Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Inwood Bar Club

Inwood Bar & Grill

Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown

the patio lounge

The Patio NYC

Meatpacking District, NYC

Penthouse 808 in queens ny

Penthouse 808

Queens, LIC

republica uptown

Republica NYC

Dyckman St, NYC

the pl lounge

Parrilla Latina

The Bronx, NYC

Clubs in NYC Overview

It’s time to declare the best clubs in NYC. The city’s options come in a variety of styles, so anyone can find a version that fits their preferences, but note that clubland changes fast. From wellness-infused fetes to classic club experiences, these nightclubs are better than bed could ever be. Put on your dancing shoes because we’re introducing you to the best nightclubs in New York City.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps and its nightlife is as active and fast-paced as the city itself. The club that is the hottest spot today can be old news tomorrow. Therefore, it pays to know which are the best clubs in NYC if you want to go out on the town during your trip.

You will find some of the worlds best clubs in NYC and you will not regret spending a night out clubbing. The club experience in NYC is not to be missed due to the high standard of the clubs. As well as the world-renowned DJs who make regular appearances in them. In New York City you can also go out during the week. New Yorkers have mastered the art of partying all night and then going to work the next morning!

NightLife in New York

Discover the best Lounges and Clubs in NYC for dancing and partying the night away. The Clubs in NYC offer some of the greatest party in the country – maybe even the world – if only for the sheer number of them packed into this ridiculously buzzing metropolis. Big dance clubs, intimate A-list clubs, gritty blues and jazz clubs, and certainly no shortage of twisted themed haunts help ensure this city couldn’t go to sleep even if it wanted to.

Lavish Meatpacking District nightclubs are the stuff of legend, with impenetrable lines and behemoth bouncers who are only swayed by that unforeseen golden hand that manages the guest list. Chelsea can be equally exclusive when it comes to nightlife, as can the underground hideaways in Nolita where Wall Street millionaires, trust-fund kids, and socialites reign supreme.

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