La Terraza Rooftop

With indoor and outdoor area.

If you want to enjoy New York City from up high. There is no better way than having a drink on La Terraza Rooftop. Overlooking the whole city and all of its splendor. The venue is the ideal place to enjoy New York at night. Evading the summer heat and enjoying the sunny winter days.

However, not any can do it as La Terraza NYC does to stand out as the best in this region. By combining top-notch service and expansive outdoor patio features, La Terraza Rooftop rooftop Lounge can transform anyone’s nightlife to another level. A clear look at some of its features will help you decide wisely. On where to spend your nights when touring New York City.

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About The Venue

la terraza nyc

At La Terraza Rooftop you can also celebrate your event with great views of the city. All of your guests will remember La Terraza NYC. For its uniqueness and for being the perfect space for all occasions in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. We also offer an air-conditioned marquee so that your event is a total success. All of which with an exclusive service.

La Terraza FAQ

La Terraza Rooftop Dress Code

Men should wear a collared shirt and or sport coat. La Terraza Rooftop is an upscale club. Try wearing nice shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc).

La Terraza NYC Drink Prices

Ring in at around $16. More complicated shots can bring that price up depending on the ingredients. A basic mixed drink (vodka cranberry, screwdriver, or a Jack and Coke). Will cost anywhere from about $18, while asking for a special type of liquor that may bring the price up.

La Terraza Rooftop Bottle Service

The price of common bottles of alcohol is between $200 and $600. These prices do not include tax and gratuity. The price for the tables and the bottles are the same things.

La Terraza Rooftop Events

Saturday is the best night whether it’s in the summer or the winter. La Terraza NYC will always create lifetime memories with wonderful views and service. And the chance to mingle in the moonlight.