Made in Mexico

Mexican Restaurant and Lounge

You should definitely check out Made in Mexico when you visit New York because it rotates a wide variety of music, from Latin to hip-hop to house and old school music. The Uptown venue is redefining New York’s nightlife. The Restaurant and Lounge is a trendy cocktail lounge with the vibrancy of a premier nightclub. With the energy of a stylish cocktail lounge.

We spent a tremendous amount of time on this place. There is a lot of energy in the entire room and bottle service takes place in the hottest way possible. As crowds of perfect models offer each beverage according to the VIP stands and tables, the place has taken a tremendous amount of time to complete. It is a place where characters and attitudes take a backseat to music, style, and a good few drinks!

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About The Venue

While it never quite turned into a lounge. There was a lot of hookahs and they played a lot of good music. I feel that this is one of the best places for a fun night out in the Inwood area. The New York show offers a wide array of experiences that will shake up your senses and leave you coming back for more. It is filled with mixology, timeless music, and handmade cocktails that will wake your senses up.

As one of the premier lounges in NYC, Made in Mexico stands out among the rest. This lounge also offers an extensive array of shots, bubbles, and aperitifs making it not only one of the top lounges but one of the most exquisite lounges around.

Made in Mexico FAQ

Made in Mexico Dress Code

It’s an upscale uptown lounge, so men should wear a collared shirt and sports coat at night. Try wearing nice shoes and avoid anything that looks like sportswear. (Track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc.).

Made in Mexico Bottle Service

Our location in the heart of Inwood, NYC offers a number of VIP tables in three distinct areas that are available for your enjoyment. We want to make sure that your night out is nothing less than memorable. Whether it is a Bachelorette party, a birthday party, a bon voyage or just a night out, The Made in Mexico team will make your occasion one to remember.

Made in Mexico Birthday Package

We appreciate your interest in celebrating your or your friend’s birthday with us. If you would like to do the celebration with us, please call or text 347-921-0002.

Made in Mexico Events

A DJ is always in place on Saturday nights to play the crowd-pleasers. Enjoy the energetic, danceable tunes that will have you bopping your head all night. To top it off, there will be go-go dancers and other performers that you will enjoy watching as well.