Penthouse 808

Penthouse restaurant in LIC at The Ravel Hotel.

Ravel Rooftop is Penthouse 808, a indoor/outdoor rooftop restaurant and lounge. You can find the Ravel Rooftop on the rooftop of the Ravel Hotel. For guests taking the train, there are three stops which are relatively close. The F train at 21st Queensbridge, and the F train at Roosevelt Island. All these stops are less than half a mile from Penthouse 808.

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Guest List and Reservations

Experience the newly renovated Penthouse 808 atop the Ravel Hotel. Which is right by the 59th Street bridge just minutes away from midtown Manhattan. Ravel Rooftop is a 2 level rooftop lounge and penthouse. The main level has a retractable roof and is climate controlled.

About Penthouse 808 FAQ’s

Penthouse 808 Dress Code

For the morning hours, it’s common to see guests dressed a bit more casual at Penthouse 808. A casual button-down shirt with jeans is standard here for guys. Sneakers are ok in morning hours. As for ladies, a trendy top and some nice jeans will be excellent. After 11 pm the venue turns into a lounge and the dress code changes with it.

Best Night to Go

Every Friday night they host an event called “ Sube Fridays.” Every Saturday, Penthouse 808 hosts a party called “Champagne Saturday’s.” These events start at 11 pm with hip-hop, EDM and top 40. Men can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$25 and ladies are usually free.

Bottle Service

The bottle service minimum varies by night. On Friday, the minimum is $350 for four guests. For Saturday, the minimum is $500 for six guests. These prices are not affected by a particular performer.

Birthday Packages

There is no limit to how many people there can be per bottle. There is a limit to how many people there can be per table. The maximum number of guests that can be at a table is eight guests. If you know that you are going to have a party of over eight guests, please contact us in advance. This way we can adequately accommodate you and your guests.