We are proud to have helped thousands on the Reservations for strip clubs in New York. Before you know it you will be partying at some of the top strip clubs Events in town with beautiful women at your service.

About Strip Clubs in NYC: 

Are you headed to New York City with a bachelor party or group of your favorite guy friends? Ladies you are welcome too of course. We recommend checking out one of New York city top Gentlemen’s Club. On that note, while there are a lot of gentlemen’s clubs in town, only a handful are high quality. And as such, only a few are recommended by Crazy Clubbing Ent. Club Lust, Starlets, Club Angels, Club Aces, Heavens and Sin City are the top Strip clubs venues, and really the only locations you should consider.

Once Inside The strip clubs: 

You will find the classic Strip Clubs setup with tables, bars, stages, and poles. The girls walk around and mingle with the guests to talk and ask for lap dances. The waitresses are also very attractive, so make sure you pay attention and don’t get the two confused. If a girl is sitting with you don’t be surprised if she asks if you want a drink and one for the dancer as well. Alcohol usually costs more at strip clubs. Be prepared to ask for the prices so you you know what you are getting into.

Lap Dances: 
Everyone wants to know how much do lap dances cost. As a basic rule of thumb lap dances typically cost $20 plus tip, and last for one song. Always start with the ‘look but don’t touch rule’ and let the entertainer decide what is appropriate for the situation. If you want a lap dance in the VIP room it will cost you a lot more. We recommend that you ask for the price before you enter.



Some of the more upscale Strip nightclubs joints require tucked-in shirts with collars. Others allow untucked collared shirts or T-shirts. Shorts are a big no everywhere. The general rule is “look presentable.” If you can swing it, look good. You’re going to be surrounded by beautiful women after all, so rep yourself well.


It’s true. Most strip Nightclubs increase their door charges during large conventions. Still, a certain large group of well-behaved and well-dressed men arriving together could conceivably approach the doorman and bargain their way past the cover fee, especially if they arrive early (9-10 p.m.) and order drinks immediately.


Money makes the world go round. This statement can’t be any truer than it is at a strip Nightclubs. You can get drinks with your debit or credit card, but you can forget about stage or lap dances. Dancers are cash only. Yes, there are ATMs at strip clubs, but many charge a 15 percent fee or more; if you withdraw $100, you’re giving up nearly a lap dance-worth of fees. Stop by an ATM before you head to the strip Nightclubs. Even if it’s at a casino, the fee is likely less than what you’ll pay at a Strip Nightclubs.


Hellooooo? You gotta tip. These gals work for tips and tips alone. That means this:
1- Don’t go into a strip NightClubs with barely enough dough to cover a round of brew.
2- Don’t look repeatedly at a dancer working her stuff without walking up and tipping her.
3- Do not, under any circumstances, sit stage-side without a pocketful of dollars. How much will you need for a night? If you are an average drinker, figure at least $30 per hour for a drink or two and stage tipping; lap dances go for $20 each, so add that on if you think you’ll find the woman of your dreams. (You will, so add it now.)


It’s 100 percent illegal in New York. Don’t solicit, suggest dinner or ask for a date. These women are dancers, not hookers.