Vacca Lounge

Vacca Lounge

416 W 203rd St, New York, NY | Tel. 347.921.0002

New York City Vacca Lounge: In what was once a desolate industrial district, comes the next happening neighborhood to discovered—Sherman Creek of Upper Manhattan. On a city block populated with garages, parking lots, and auto repair shops, rises the oasis that is VACCA Grill & Lounge, a new dining destination, the like of which has not seen since the development of the meatpacking district.

From the moment you enter the vast loft-like space with seating for 70, you begin to experience the artistic vision of Dario Oleaga.

Hudson Terrace


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About Vacca Lounge

VACCA is the fresh and innovative creation of entrepreneur and acclaimed fine artist Dario Oleaga, whose work has featured in many solo and group exhibitions including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Havana Bienal at Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Museum in Havana, Cuba, as well as in his native country, the Dominican Republic. Motivated by the desire to develop his community, he built Umbrella, on 202nd Street, and went on to create several other famous venues, including Ambar Room, Serie 56, and Guadalupe, Tette, Opus, Coral.

  • Vacca Lounge Brunch: Vacca offers a brunch party that is more focused on the ‘party’ than it is on the ‘brunch.’ Vacca NYC Brunch feels a lot more like a nightclub party than many of the other brunches– and that is not surprising, as the brunch is held in a club/concert venue (unlike the other Brunches, which is all contained in restaurants).
  • Best Night: Vacca Lounge is open seven days a week. You will find the best looking crowd every Fridays Night events
  • Drink Prices: Vacca Mixed Drinks Start at $12, Shots $10, Beers $8.
  • Bottle Service: Bottle service at Vacca NYC starts at $200 and includes VIP entry, If you have a big group, consider getting a table with bottle service. It’s well worth the experience and you can cut the line!
  • Birthday Package: Let our team of Crazy Clubbing help you with the planning and coordinating of the birthday that everyone will remember for years to come. You focus on your birthday wish list; we’ll handle the rest. Vacca Grill And Lounge will perform at any event you care to dream up! At Vacca Grill And Lounge.